React.js_build first time !

when you start to learning Reast.js ,

Must Get ready to BasicSkill : DOM and Javascript , How to operation !!

Learing tutor from :

broadcast speed to slow 25%

show subtitle , you could be learning Easy

Install 安裝:

打開瀏覽器 Open browser : localhost:3000

OMG ~soon to build

Check : folder of Project structure


Check your VScode of project of React :

閱覽說明書: Read “ ”

Check : Public

=> index.html

Public \index.html   打開它open it 

Where is “ <div id=”root” > ????

found out it on ..folder src

Check : src \index.js

....\your porject name \src\ index.js 
when you found out root , it mean use Javascript of DOM insert HTML

看不懂DOM 可以提早下課.

If not understand what is DOM ? or what is getElementById…hum…

could be Early to finshed this .

Check : src \app.js

If input your content there : html

After :

Awesome __soon to update !



You could be written Javascrip in HTML PAGE !!




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Barry YU

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